Taking the right turn at the right time ensures the company’s long-term growth. This can involve different kinds of changes :

  • Technological
  • Legislative: New legal frameworks to be respected (GDPR, anti-fraud certificates, etc.),
  • Marketing: marketing of new products or services,
  • Outsourcing of services
  • Etc…

Accompanying a change goes through 4 phases: framing, impact analysis, strategy definition and implementation.

By accompanying its employees in the implementation of new tools, the company ensures a better adhesion to the transformation project and consequently a reduction in the loss of time and productivity that this period necessarily implies.

Conduite du changement

Who for ?

  • Project Manager
  • Transversal and/or expert team,
  • Steering Committee,
  • Head of Department

What for ?

For your project you want to make sure you :

  1. The commitment of the “I want to do” teams (Strategy)
  2. Visibility “I understand” (communication)
  3. The “I can do” field feasibility (Organization)
  4. The “I know how to do” master’s degree (Training)
  5. Capitalizing on Feedback “I’m progressing” (Continuous Improvement)

How ?

  • Diagnosis / Risks & Recommendation
  • Integration into the project team / Business
  • Collective support throughout the entire project chain and for the duration of the project
  • Internal project communication
  • Training