Pluridisciplinarity and complementarity are the key words of the AlexGermeau firm’s eco-system. We work with quality partners from diverse and varied backgrounds, both in France and abroad.

The choice of partners is made according to the projects, in collaboration with the client, in order to identify the most suitable skills and personalities, the best know-how and know-how.


Individual, Collective and Systemic Coaching  
Mozaik Int'l & ORSC

Lego Serious Play Lego4Scrum

NeuroCognitive and Behavioural Approach

Complementary Experts

Various Conferences and Inspiring Talks​

Méthodes agiles, Icebreakers

Design Thinking,  Co-development,  Appreciative Inquiry 

Other Experts

Web Designer, Stratégie Digitale 

Time-Sharing HR,
Lawyers, Recruters​

Sophrologues, Yoga, Méditation,