Today, the majority of companies are working on transformation projects that, for the most part/for most of them, have an impact on humans and their daily lives.

Nous partons du postulat que les Hommes – ensemble – ont des pouvoirs insoupçonnés qui peuvent transformer les entreprises en profondeur, efficacement, positivement et durablement.

However, the human being is still a key resource for organizations, and it is essential to rethink its effectiveness on a daily basis. The levers of this new performance are commitment, autonomy, recognition and professional fulfilment of employees. Organizations must therefore change their paradigm. Accompanying this transformation is therefore key.

Make emerging tangible solutions from collective intelligence is central in our daily passion. 

AlexGermeau is a firm that accompanies all your transformations (cultural and managerial) in your company to ensure a new sustainable performance.

Our support puts people back at the centre of the company’s strategy to improve its overall performance.

Our assets are based on 25 years of experience in coaching varied, transversal and multicultural teams, as well as a palette of tools ranging from individual, collective and systemic coaching, to neurosciences and various facilitation methods including Lego Serious Play.  

According to the needs, we adapt the postures of our coaching (Consultants, Coach, Trainer or Facilitator) as well as our modes of intervention (project/onctual mode or in-house shared time). 

According to various International surveys, engaged employees are :

More loyal
More productive
Less absent
More creative


Diagnose the corporate culture, the forces at work  nd identify the obstacles to success.

Facilitating acceptance and
understanding of change

Anticipate, identify and
reduce resistance to change

Reduce costs and time associated
with a transition, identify risks and impacts

Fostering a collaborative spirit within
the company, the project team

Accompanying individual managers
in their new position